About KANS

Florence Nightingale saw nurses not only as administrators of medications and treatments, but as caregivers. She believed that nurses answered a higher calling of improving a patient’s environment, nutrition, and overall health. Following in those beliefs, KANS strives to serve our community through service projects, and by providing student nurses with mentors and experiences to shape them into the best possible nurses they can become. So that they may continue to serve their community and their profession.

Joining KANS opens doors for students. Active members attend conventions across the country and meet other students who are sharing the same experiences of nursing school, and nurses who are leaders of the profession. On campus, being a member of KANS means having access to other student’s advice and mentorship, getting to participate in community service projects always having others to talk to who actually understand what it really means to be in nursing school.

Being a part of a professional organization also shows employers that you can balance school with other responsibilities, and that you truly care about your profession. Taking part in community service projects is also a great way to add to your resume.

When you join KANS, you also join NSNA, the National Student Nurses Association. This includes many benefits such as:

KANS is a pre-professional organization for pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in the WKCTC nursing program.

About NSNA


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