Salary: Top pay for new nurses – the South

by Scrubs Editor• March 28, 2013Featured Articles, Nursing Salary

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Where in the U.S. are new nurses receiving top pay? Let’s take a look at the South (get our round up for the West Coast here). Keep in mind that the facts and figures are mostly related to new nurses and numbers might be higher for nurses with more experience or for those in specific specialties.

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Average pay (per hour) for top cities:

Dallas, TX: $28
Houston, TX: $29
Oklahoma City, OK: $23
Little Rock, AR: $23
New Orleans, LA: $25
Frankfurt, KY: $22
Nashville, TN: $24
Jackson, MS: $23.50
Birmingham, AL: $23
Atlanta, GA: $26
Miami, FL: $28
Columbia, SC: $24
Raleigh, NC: $24
Richmond, VA: $25
Charleston, WV: $23.50

Source: Nurse Zone
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