April 8th Back From Convention

The 61st Annual NSNA Convention was held in Charlotte NC. Thanks to KANS fundraising efforts this semester, five members were able to attend at only the cost of thei convention registration fee. Thanks to WKCTC for covering the gas and KANS for covering our rooms. It was an experience none of us will forget. We got to know our fellow members and sponsers, and met NSNA members from across the country, from California to New York to Peurto Rico. We had a blast during the first night Zumba party, and met so many people. We attended an NCLEX-RN Review that spanned three days and was packed with great information. The convention hosted Focus Subjects on test taking skills, pharmacology, oncology, emergency nursing and more. Our t-shirt designs were a complete hit, our table stayed swamped with customers, and by the end of the convention we sold nearly everything we took, and actually had to turn people away because we sold completely out of some sizes, sales totaled over $1600.00! In our down time we got to eat at some amazing restaurants in beautiful Center City Charlotte, and explore the local area. Convention is absolutly an experience not to be missed! Can’t wait for the Midyear Conference in Louisville!


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